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Juha & Team Ruokangas are building some of the finest guitars in the world. Weaver Street Guitars is extremely proud to be working with them!

Ruakangas custom order guitar

”I often say we make the best electric guitars in the world. And I mean that, seriously. I have three luthiers working for me, and together we build a very limited amount of guitars on annual basis. I like to keep it that way. We’re small enough so things stay stress free, perfectly under control and simultaneously my superb team is capable to craft better guitars together than I could alone.

Our work is a testimony for the old world values. We have consciously decided not to take part to the ongoing industrial race for cheaper labour and bigger profits. Our ambition is simply to make our living by making the best electric guitars in the world and to cherish the tradition of handcraft.”

– Juha Ruokangas

Create your custom Ruokangas guitar here in the “US Guitar Builder App” then contact us through the build page to get your confirmed price & start the process. Weaver Street Guitars promises the Best price in the USA on any Custom ordered Ruokangas. Custom orders take about 10- 11 months for completion. A 40% deposit is required to start the build. The remaining 60% will be due when the guitar is ready. Please get in touch to discuss all of your Custom order options.

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Ruokangas Guitars

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